The Rain Out Nationals - Tonight!

Well, Speedworld has rained out. I had my car on the trailer ready to roll, and I can’t even take it to Ocala, they are closed too.

How about we go blow off some steam at Little 500? 8:00 until close? There is a link to the address on this site.

Where did you hear/see that it was rained out tonite? I don’t see nothing and I called the track and the recording indicates that there is racing tonite.

lil 500 it is hope to see you all there!

Who knows who is coming, this is totally last minute. Here is a list of people who are coming, are trying, or who wouldn’t miss it.

In no particular order:
William “The Crusher” Hindman
Tim Walters
Scotty and Donovan Ponder (I hope)
Michael Seay
George “The Animal” Murphy
Andy S.
Todd McCreary
Billy Rouse
Ben Kennedy
Sean Bass
Sam Watts
Brian Finney?
The list is evolving! Everyone is invited, everyone is welcomed!

Sean Bass totally wimped out! It looks like some of the Sergi clan will take his place.

Hope everyone had a great time! Sorry didn’t see the post until about 9:30pm or I would of come tonight to race against you guys. Was off this week and still had last weeks paycheck that I could of spent. Oh well, maybe next time.

Much fun last night at the Little 500! We had an excellent turn-out, especially considering there were just a few hours notice.

You know, it is not easy being me. As the cleanest driver at the track, I sometimes have to absorb a little abuse from other less-skilled karters. But no matter, I got two of the precious golden winners tickets anyway, including the final round of the night. Don’t you think winning the last race means that I am the reigning heavy weight champ? At least until we meet there again?

After several cranial shocking collisions, and some serious sleep deprivation, here is the best guest list I can generate. My apologies to those I inadvertantly left off.

Todd McCreary
Tim “SS29” Walters
Sam Watts
William “the Crusher” Hindman
Anthony Sergi and family
Zack Curtis and family
Jason Boyd
Shyanne Mathers
Donnie Nerone
Andy S.
George “The Animal” Murphy
Jerry “Frasson 118” Binner
Scotty, Kim and Donovan Ponder
Michael Seay
Elizabeth Trocki
And other recognizable racetrack faces whose names I don’t know.

In the top photo, that is “the Crusher” wondering what happened.

Bottom photo: Andy, Michael, Anthony, Todd, William, Elizabeth and Tim.

Actually, Jim Erb is “The Crusher”… William is “Huggy Bear”…

it was a blast like always…now that i got 9 golden tickets last night.i get 3 free rides for the next one.:ernaehrung004: