osw rained out 8-13-2010

if you didnt already know…osw has rained out tonight 8-13 :frowning:

I’m interested in knowing… since the weather, to me at least from where I was off SR436, at 6PM looked fine out that way… Is it just a situation that the property is unusuable after it rains early in the afternoon? It’s a shame to cancel out so early… just digging their hole a little bit deeper…

At 5:30, I was about 10 minutes from the track for my grandson’s marching band debut. He has been in band camp for 2 weeks and last night the parents/grandparents got to see what they had learned. It had rained right before we got there but never rained a drop afterwards (from 5:30 on) however it was very wet and looked like it had downpoured for a few minutes. Maybe they got a real big downpour fast and that is why but it did not rain anymore after 5:30 out that way.

Maybe it got called off for excessive dust accumulation. The weather was fine.

In all fairness, I bet the place got flooded during the week and was unusable.