classified ads

can someone tell me how to post an ad in the classified section? I can’t seem to be able to even get to the classified ads at all and I have posted there before. I have some things I want to sell, Thank you, Ray #62


email jack at
hope that helps. :wink:

We are in the process of moving the classifieds over to this board. The move should be completed by sometime next week. Hope that helps.


RAY anything good?

Hey Moe, Probably nothing you could use. I have no cars left just motors. A 400 and a 318 and they both run good. I have a stick welder, an engine hoist and that’s about it. Although I sold all my cars and trailer I still plan on getting back into demo’s in the near future. Give me a call someday, Ray #62

The demolition derbys will be strong next year working on some cool things will keep you in the loop. Thanks MOE:ernaehrung004: