Modifieds at Pocono's 3/4-miler

Anyone know if that’s Jeff DuFresne when he ran up north at about the 45-second mark? That part of the video is the non-qualifier’s race. Sure looks like DuFresne’s car. The car also shows up in the starting lineup shot at about 1:47, and again at 2:09.

That footage brings back some memories for me. I was there for both the rained out portion and the race. I loved that old 3/4 mile track, that and Langhorne were my only opportunities to see all of the pavement greats back in the day, Geoff Bodine ended up winning that one, how about Pee Wee Griffin in the 72, Maynard Troyer in that gorgeous Falcon, Brian Osgood, Ray Hendrick in the Emanual Zervakis #1, Richie Evans, Jerry Cook, Paul Radford, Charlie Jarzombek…Boy, those WERE the days!!

Which car you looking at Jimmy?

Hey Jerry :wink: I was looking at the red and white Chevelle-looking-bodied car (full-fendered car) with a yellow #3 on it. It shows up a couple of times in that video.

I will ask his son Jeff if that was his dad.

I talked to Jeff last night and he said yes that is his dad in the 3