I have been cramped up in a little box since Sept 23 of last year LOL I lost my password arghhhhhhhhh:huepfen024:

Just making sure this thing still works:)


this thing has always worked. now why dont you try the same thing! roflll. when did they let you out my friend? you back in fl. yet? call… OZZIE

WORK??? I am working LOL It ain’t easy being Barney Fife Here in the frozen tundra LOL

Had a small tornado here at the track yesterday…destroyed one building but everything else is OK :slight_smile: Including my little TIKI Hut (FEMA) Trailer. Things are starting to heat up for perspective buyers here!!

Am announcing at a small dirt track here in LA until I move to my new digs :slight_smile:

If you know somone that wants a showcase of a race track…this one can be had at a good price!

How is my car? Maybe you can chain it to the trailer so it will not blow away.Your trailer that is :ernaehrung004:

What building did it get Rusty?? Were you in the tikki hut when it came?? I hope not. I remember going thru a few tornados in Mississippi when we lived there and had one hit my house here. Glad you are okay and the track except for the one building.

Hope you find a buyer soon.

MOE…The Wizard of Oz tornado could not blow that big beast away LOL In fact if another one comes I am hiding in your car LOL

The TIKI came through fine :slight_smile: I was in town at the time…it was the building out by I-20 that gave us a “city” address as the front part of the property is in the “city” and the rest is in the Parish…I did however realize this morning that I lost my pool :frowning: NOW WHERE WILL I TAN??? LOL

Just happy that is all that you lost and don’t worry Rusty, they will put kiddie pools on sale soon since these stupid stores are now putting in fall and winter clothes, like that is going to happen here. Heat index yesterday 105.

Would have been neat if the tornado had picked up the whole track and dumped it in Winston-Salem, NC… Then you could have worked a two-night program out with Bowman-Gray!!!

  1. Opening day Late Models: Leroy Porter leading Dan Daughtry… Note that the place was far from being “packed.”
  2. Early promo flyer…
  3. 1979 ad…

Flyer promoting the upcoming Permatex 100 held in November 1974.jpg