Brand those cars! part 2

The first thread got derailed, so lets pick up again with the idea of removing the numbers from a class (probably the junkers) and replacing them with a cartoon or image. The idea of course is to win some new fans by giving each car its own identity. An identity that is stronger and more memorable than simply a number. Consider the following examples:

The top picture is Scott Bloomquist, a guy who has been on top of the dirt LM world for the last 20 years. Most of the time, his cars have a barely recognizable number that is more of a symbol or image. By the way, he has recently begun to use a skull and bones. I guess I am a trend-setter!

Golden Gate Speedway legend Kip Pierce is shown in his famous “Toonerville Trolley”. Yes, it was before my time, but I’ve always read that this car was adored by fans young and old for its unusual appearance, (including a bell on the roof), comical nick-name, and its ability to dominate the action. Ok, so it has a number clearly written below its nick-name, but ask any old timer about #1 and you’ll get a blank stare, then mention the “Toonerville Trolley” and the memories will start to flow.

I don’t care if you don’t like monster trucks, that organization has it together! Their live shows are a blast (often selling out huge stadiums), and here is their franchise player, the Grave Digger. Ask any kid, they all know about Grave Digger! Notice also the lack of a number.

Why doesn’t some track try branding the cars with an image? Try it during a special event (like Crash A Rama), or at the end of the year. Somebody try something!


1965 - Kip Pierce and the Toonerville Trolley____.jpg

good idea and has been

It’s a good idea.
Always liked named cars,some just came about ,others were picked by owners.
Sunshine Speedway in the 70’s had Kip Pierce jr running a red Sabb ministocker also with "Toonerville Trolley"on it,was very clean well kept racer .,was very fast and won a lot at Sunshine.
Kip came down with it to Florida City Speedway for a championship we had,and asked me to show him the fast line around our little speedway for his first time,he followed me close for about 8 laps and zipped into the pit,so went in too to see what happened,but he was pouking sick out the drivers window,guess those 10 sec. laps were more roundy round then he had fig:ernaehrung004:, He got a handel on it and did OK in the race later.:ernaehrung004:

The last year my dad own a race car he painted it red and black and numbered it GA because he moved back to Georgia where we’re from and we liked the Georgia Bulldogs also!!!

This was the last Winternationals at East Bay we raced and won the first night and was going for the lead on the last night when Will Cagle spun John out. :mad:

I like that idea Boneman, I also like it when the entry level racecars are painted to match Nascar paint themes of past and present.