sbc parts

350 30 over 4 bolt block $100
350 2 bolt short block stock $200
350 1 piece rear seal complete stock $200
462 double hump heads 194 150 valves $275
2 sets of 601 heads stock $100
882 screw in studs 194 160 valves $225
624 heads stock $100
882 stock $125

350 4 bolt block

Has the block been pressure tested or any machine work done to it besides the 30 over?

Bell housing

Has the bell housing been bent or is it straight? I have one but it has been bent and is no good.

nope just bored out been sitting for awhile

How about that 2 bolt I know it’s stock but how many miles do you think are on it and are they flat tops or dish.Is it in decent shape or a rusted up piece of crap.:ernaehrung004:

Where are you located?

sold the short block have other standard bore bare blocks im located in homosassa

How much for one of the motors complete heads intake everything but accessories carb and distr thank you

30 over

the 4 bolt 30 over . do you have the caps to hold the crank or is it just the block?

200 or the complete motor yes the 30 over has the main caps just need cleaned up

462 double hump heads

what condition are the 462 heads in??

would you be intrested in any trades i got a 357 mag revolver smith and wesson stainless steal for the 882 heads screw in studs 194 160 valves $225

send pic to [email] do u have any papers on it