Fun kart for sale

Go kart for sale. Live rear axle, disc brakes, 4.0 hp genuine honda engine (not mounted). Aluminum side panels, plastic nose. BIG BUMPERS.
Needs clutch, chain, & sprocket.
Was raced at a friends private 1/10 mile clay oval.
$300 or trade for 4 bolt main 350 block that will clean up at .030

for more info email me at

Thank you.

cart 001.jpg

cart 003.jpg

cart 004.jpg

Where are you located??

I’m in Crystal River. If you have any questions, shoot an email to Thanks


would u take payments

Sorry, not taking payments. Last time I took payments on something, it was a headache.

i make it and wont miss a payment if i do u keep it all

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The kart has been sold. Thank you.