TBARA Rainout at P'cola & Mobile

Foul weather blanketing the Gulf coast area forced cancellation of the TBARA double header events scheduled for tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night (Saturday) at Pensacola and Mobile, Ala. Club and track officials are working on makeup dates, possibly in October. Will post new dates as soon as the schedule is announced.

Makeup dates are October 15 and 16.

Mmmm… The weather will break and be a bit cooler, those races would make an excellent weekend road trip!

Heard about this this morning. Knew Pensacola had cancelled but Mobile was still holding out but they had about the same weather forecast as Pensacola. I have a friend that goes to Five Flags and he is the one who told me about the rainout. Glad that Pensacola and Mobile could work together and reschedule them for the same weekend since they are not that far apart. Makes more sense for two tracks to work together than not.

5 Flags and Mobile have worked together for a long time. I’am a 5 Flags race fan member and they give you the Mobile race scheuld website in every e-mail I get from them! That’s why boyh tracks do so well! THEY WORK TOGETHER!!!

Yes, I have heard that. I think they still have a few rule differences but that is being worked on but it is good for TBARA that they are both going to reschedule them the same weekend instead of different ones. I was told when they rained out in the spring, only Mobile ran them and let’s face it, Pensacola and Mobile are a long way for any of those guys to drive for a race. Better to have a double header weekend than not. Alot easier on the drivers’s wallets.