In Shock but do need your prayers

Last week Alex had a nuclear bone scan and we got the results on Monday for his foot. Years ago the doctor had to take the middle bone out of his foot to hold it flat and it worked but he has been in pain the last year and a half and x-rays would not show what was wrong.

The scan said his blood flow is not normal and the foot needs surgery to fuse it somehow. But first the doctor wants to try a boot that would hold his foot totally still, as if he had surgery but not. Dr. Helmy wants to make sure first if Alex will be able to walk with this surgery.

They want to bring someone from down south up here to make this special boot but not sure if medicaid will pay and in that case, I don’t really know what he will do. Both of us were not prepared for this at all and still in shock. Alex still needs both hands fused but for now that is going in the background until his foot is fixed since he may need a wheelchair or crutches and hand surgery is not thinkable right now.

We are going to try acupunture for the pain and see if that helps. But please keep Alex in your prayers along with Ron Abney, Jr. They both need all the prayers you can send them.

Thank you - Jane

of course…

jane, you know alex will be in my thoughts and prayers. i hope this all goes well for him…keep us informed…gonna be a busy week for God… :wink: but you know He can handle it.
carol aka oz

:engel016: do not know you personally jane only from this board but need you to know i will be praying for alex hope all goes well for him

Thank you for the prayers. I found someone to try the acupunture close to the house and I am going to see about that and if it does give Alex some pain relief. Hopefully they can find someone who can make this boot and medicaid will pay so we know what to expect from the surgery. Just really wasn’t prepared for this one at all. After 5 major surgeries on his feet and legs and having that middle bone taken out of that foot, I thought all was well but not. I did let him play flag football when he was younger and don’t know if that hurt or not but I was told he would never run and he did. He likes to prove me and the doctor wrong all the time.

But I do appreciate the prayers right now.