A Huge Oversight

I should have posted something on here concerning the outstanding drive of one Rex “Boneman” Hollinger last week at Auburndale Speedway! Racing against more than twice the number of cars he is used to running with, Boney took his “second” car to a solid fourth place finish and was closing on the cars in front of him before time ran out… I am sure much of his success came from the fact that he had Todd “The second coming of Harry Hyde” McCreary as his crew chief!!

I’m not sure it qualifies as “huge news”, but I did have a good time there last week. It was my first visit of the year, and I changed around the springs and shocks: what an improvement! In my first 3 tries there, every corner was a total crap-shoot, so for the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing. That is a racey track.

Its good to try someplace else every now and then. Thanks to Rex Guy, Carol, Ted, Carl, Dave and everyone their hospitality.

??? Really?

I didn’t mean to slight my home track by complimenting another. Despite whatever else is going on there, I find the staff at Speedworld to be cordial and professional. I count many of them as friends, but I see that they try hard to make everyone feel welcome.

If only past problems could be wiped away…