Ragan Wins at Atlanta - in SLM


OK, so now I’m somewhat impressed. Ragan wins the Southern Superstars (formerly the Southern All-Star Series) 150-lapper at Atlanta Motor Speedway. What I’m more impressed with, is that the series isn’t/wasn’t ruined by running these cars on the “big track”; they ran ‘em on the infield quarter-mile. From the looks of things, looks like there was a lot of beatin’ and bangin’.

In my opinion, the old All-Pro/All-American Challenge Series for the Late Models was ruined when NA$CAR tried to take them to these types of tracks (Kentucky, etc.) where when the “little guy” tore up something at 150mph, he couldn’t afford to fix it. Good to see that these guys ran on the short track. :wink:

I agree with all your statements.

Unfortunately, only 12 cars bothered to show. I don’t know why more Georgia cars did not run with the Alabama based series, rules seem similiar.

Oh…LOL. OK, so I guess I’m still unimpressed, then, when a Cup guy - who makes millions of dollars - comes to run with his own equipment, and just whoops a…12-car field.

Wonder what the entry fee was, and if maybe that kept a LOT of cars/teams away, knowing what Bruton wants to lease/rent/run a race at his tracks…