Question about tires

While watching at Ocala last Friday, I saw several cars with tires go flat during their races. It got me to wondering, are racing tires that go down repairable or are they automatically junked? Just curious.

If they are on racing dirt tires,Hoozier, they are usually running less than 10 lbs. pressure. A good rut in the track will cause the bead to come off the rim. Some classes are allowed to run a ‘bead lock’ rim on the RF to help the grip.
If the tire is not cut it can be reused later after getting the dirt out of it.:huepfen024:
Hope this answers your ??

Yeah, it does. I’ve watched racing for a long time and never knew. Obviously, if it shreds it’s a goner, but if it was a simple puncture, would they be repairable the same way a street tire can be.

Hoosier and Goodyear do not recommend repairing a racetire.

I have patched my own tires a few times that had punctures. It was a very obvious simple puncture nowhere near the sidewall. If it was cut I have never taken the chance.

Racing at East Bay this year I have had a flat 3 times. Each time I have been able to reuse the tire. It was as jim said A rut broke the bead on the wheel. I even drove off the track with the tire flat and didnt cut it each time. In years of racing asphalt I was never that lucky even once.

don’t laugh but i’m gonna tell you something

years and years ago believe this or not there was a tire store in tampa fl called iv’s tires well there were certain tires that iv could recap and they were really good and you could grove them and they would run forever

but if you got one cut or busted listen to what you could do let’s say you had a a cut in side wall like you took a knife and cut a slit four inches long all way through it and you did not want to throw it a way

you get big needle and some special thread and you sticth it up then get like big patch they called it a boot back then now smear the tire glue were the cut was set it a fire for just second and stick boot were cut was on inside blow out fire roll in boot now you got new tire

if you are scared of it you could put good tube inside tire mount it go racing :ernaehrung004:

Or go to the junk yard and get a new old one. Thats what I did. Bob…


I was there and payed $300 for a drag tire then took it to ive and he charged me $150 to cap it. dirt was high dollar. if we cut it ivy wound fix it gust like you said. we went pavement racing it didnt coust as mutch then. the latemodel rule the first year i had a track was any tire that was in the pits forsale to all for $75. boy they did not like me then either only 1 tire mfg, showed. Hey ron you were there tires would not buy yo a race then.