Watch for special Strictly-Stock Race announcement Monday 13th for OSW !

An announcement on a special race event for strictly-stocks will be made on Monday the 13th, that event will be held Friday September 24th as part of
70’s Disco Night at the races !

More to come Monday on, and other media outlets ! Stay Tuned !

Come on give a hint!!!:huepfen024:

Hint - Race, Fun, Laps, $, Prizes, 70’s !

There is your hints !

It will be fun and entertaining !

Will Todd McCreary, Boneman, & Tunaman be there dressed like the Bee Gees and singing “How deep is your love” ?

or the beginning of the village people

dd38 will be playing drums for KC & The Sunshine Band…

Good one EZ!! But no, Tuna wont be there to sing or do anything with Boney or McQuerry. Just because I’ve agreed with some things they have said doesn’t mean we will be buddies!!! Sorry. LOL Oh, I DO have a neat shirt to wear though.LOL

I think its great that a big strictly stock race is being promoted in advance, I am looking forward to it. I just have to ask, why isn’t this done with the other “lower” classes too?

OSW isn’t the only track that does this. CMP waited until 3 days before the race to let everyone know there was a 1k to win sportsman race. I understand last minute things come up BUT…

It seems to me they like to play with the class…Like a red headed step child.
Instead of treating it like an actual division. The class should have a WEEKLY PAYOUT!!! I spend at least 100 bucks a week to run both tracks. It all cost money…

but every other local track has a payout. If they would look 3 weeks ago at NSS Strictly stock had a payout and we all knew about and what 17 cars showed up. The Charity Truckers Race had a awesome payout and what 25 or 30 cars showed up! I’m just saying enforce the rules and some kinda pay out and more Cars would show up and that will put more cars in the pits more people in food lines more people telling other people blah blah

just my opinion at this time :ernaehrung004:

what is the news strictly stock 4