Seafest has been changed to Oct. 8th & 9th, 2010

[SIZE=“4”]Seafest Weekend at Desoto Super Speedway
Friday - Oct. 8th Seafest Practice
Saturday - Oct. 9th Seafest…Florida All Stars Tour Late Models 100 Laps[/SIZE]

Good Job John for moving a race date that had two Late Model races on it.

As you all know the Seafest was for Oct 16th John has moved his Seafest date to Oct 8 th and 9th do to a conflict of another late model race at Auburndale on 10/16/10. This was a very good thing that John has done for the racing familes and fans.

So owners/drivers lets surport both these races dates and show the owners of both track your thanks of them working together.

This is a very good start on two track trying to work together. Again thanks to John and Rex for doing the right thing .

Gary Laplant

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