Dirt Late Model for Sale

[SIZE=“4”]I have a 98 GRT underrail rolling chassis 4-bar for sale. This car can be either ran as a Late model or a limited late model. It comes with a Winters 4.86 Quick Change rear end, 2 sets of gears, RF brake caliber(not on car), motor plate, 4 tires on car plus 1 extra, and anything else I can find that goes with the car. Care needs to sell. Make an offer[/SIZE]

Contact info needed

I need a way to reach you to get more info about this. Email contact info to Mav42003@yahoo.com so I can reach you.

Contact info

You can contact me at jonesracing4j@gmail.com … Asking $3500 but willing to talk about trades

Anybody Looking At Trades Or Moving Up


Do you have any pics keomotorsports@gmail.com. Where is it located.

cars in tampa, look at his older post you will find pics… great car for the price!

Would like to apologize to everybody that has emailed me or posted on here. I have been outta town and I haven’t had a chance to respond or even look on here. The pictures I have right now are not that great, poor lighting, and a messy garage didn’t help out at all. I will try and get the pictures out to you asap.


send pics to billyreubens@gmail.com of everthing

Billy, I just sent you all the pics that I have for the car.

Here are some pics of the car… Reminder. The car does not have the ford decal or the numbers on the car either…



Can you please contact me at 813-716-7264 (Ronnie)? Have some questions about car.

I will contact you this evening when I get outta work

looking for a modified… so if you wanna trade let me know

Still for Sale… $$$3000…

STill for sale… TTT

would u be interested in a pro truck thanks

Prefer to stick with dirt… Not a huge fan of the asphalt racing seen

want to trade racce ready mini sprint tons of spare parts

what is your location i have a 2001 k-mod and would be interested in trading