PLEASE keep Doug and Onda Webb in your prayers

Just got a phone call from Onda and Naomi that Doug has suffered a heart attack! I do not know any details other than they airlifted him! I will keep you informed as I find out more.

Doug is the wrecker driver at OSW with the Black wrecker…he is the one that brought all of the Stricktly Stocks! There is no better freind to OSW!


Onda just called again…before she could get to the hospital they had taken him into surgery to put stints in…

Will keep you posted

Doug and his family are in my prayers and will stay there until I know he is out of danger. Doug is a great guy and helped Alex many times with getting a car to race, very giving person. Please Rusty, call me and let me know when you hear more. But for now, I will say prayers for them all.


Doug is out of surgery and in a room :slight_smile: Apparently all went well!!!

He should be able to go home Friday of all is good!

This is GREAT news!!!

GREAT NEWS!! Just got off of the phone with Doug :slight_smile: He is doing MUCH better and all indications are he will go home in the morning!!!