Looking For Drivers For Upgrade to Nascar

I am wanting to get in contact with the following drivers and having a hard time doing so, with keeping up with Nascar traveling right now. So, if someone could please tell these people I am seeking them, I would appreciate it…Rich Clouser, David Rogers, Cody Blair, Bruce bennett and Tim Russell.

Also trying to contact Justin Larson…Todd Allen…Russell Shaw…Vince Keeler…BJ McLeod for possible Nascar rides


how about making the invitation to all drivers available. There are some driver and drivers families that have been after this chance for years and now only the drivers named are able to try out. ookkay. well, guess that drivers that have been trying for 13yrs aren’t able to try and fullfill a dream.

I’d have to agree. Ive only been racing racecars for 6 years and have over 30 wins in the 4 cyl class at citrus county and ocala on pavement in the past 4 years. Nobody wants to give a no name driver who doesn’t already have good sponsor backing a chance. My dad forks all the bills for my racing and it isn’t cheap on the average working man. I’m not looking for a shot at Nascar yet because im not ready. Im only 19 years old looking for something with more horsepower to show off my true talent. Financial backing is what made those drivers listed above their name out in the community not the working man’s money.

If this was for real - you would have the since enough to approach the above mentioned drivers at the racetrack - I smell a SCAM !


I have only actually lived in Florida since Dec of 2009, therefore don’t know all the tracks and etc. I would welcome ANYONE who is interested. This is no scam, because I am not asking for anything, as the last poster suggested, you must have a guilty conscience or something. I am 64 years old and have always been on the up & up FYI. Sorry for the mis-conception here. Email me your racing resume and we’ll go from there, I want NO money, personal info or anything of that nature. Thanks guys.


send me your email address and i will send you my resume, what series are you talking about i have friend that still race, and crew in a bunch of the NASCAR serie’s.

NONE of the above named drivers your seeking have the millions of dollars to buy their way into a nascar ride . nor do any of them have multi-million dollar sponsors backing them to entice a perspective car owner . bunch of bs . period .

tony stewart only payed for one of his rides. he used his own money to get his big ride. so no, not every big name came from big pockets or big sponsors.