Looking for Sponsors

That’s Right I am looking for Sponsors, well not like most of you are thinking.

I have decided to participate in the CARS RACING FOR A CURE 5k walk to help the Families of the charity trucker 200. If you would like to help out with this event or me and do not have the time to walk in the event, please help sponsor me if you can. Any donation would be appreciated from me and the families we are helping.

You that know me know that I do not usually ask for much, and that I am all ways looking to help out when ever I can, I have think this is just another way that I can help give back to others.

If any of you would like to help please pm me or leave a message here and I will try and get a hold of you on how you can help.

I am putting a link to the site of the 5k walk here for anyone that would like more information.

Also if any of you are looking or planning to participate in the event let me know so I can find you on the day of the event and we can walk the 5 k together.


Robert Howell

Hey Sunshine, contrary to what a FEW on here think, I like to help people too. I can’t be there but would like to make a small donation. How do I do this?? Thanks. Yes everyone, this is Tunaman!!

hey robert,
for everything that you do to help the racers, count me in! call me and tell me where to send the money.
t. carreno

Thanks you Both

Tuna I will get you the Info sent to you in private message

and Tony I will give you a call first of the week.