Jack Duffy interview - say what?

Have you ever heard a Jack Duffy interview? Imagine Gene Lasker on social security! He was on Inside FL Racing last night, and all the hosts had to do was ask the occasional question and stay out of his way. Jack had a lot to say about his 60 years in the drivers seat, and some of the amazing times he has had.

Near the end of the show, he was asked something like, “would you it again if you had the chance?” To my amazement, Jack kind of hemmed and hawed a while, and said that he would not, then changed the subject. Did I misunderstand him? That would have been an excellent point to follow-up on. Good show overall.

Boneman, can’t we think of something to argue about?? You’re really getting boring!!!

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Bob, do you really think I could hit a face like that??? Poor old Boney looks like he’s been beat enough.

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