2 cars for sale LLM/Sportsman

I have two cars for sale:
The first on is a LLM, race ready-turn key Camaro front clip, New M/C body black, quick change rearend w/486 gear good for OSW. Small five floater hubs, double piston howe brake calibers, all guages, tach, bilstein shocks, msd box, 16" seat with all the add on’s, 22 gal fuel cell, and a new 355 vortex motor w/2bbl carb, aluminum intake, 4 speed muncie trans w/1st gear removed and a 7 1/2" clutch. $6500.00

The second is a Sportsman roller only, new ABC body blue on a 70’s camaro chassie. It has a 514 rear gear good for NSS, 16 gal fuel cell, all guages, tach, seat, headers, steering wheel, shifter, drive shaft, charging post, and 10" wheels. $3500.00

OR $9000.00 for both

Pic’s on request!!!

Contact Dave at 305-522-1249 or email me at maryann951@comcast.net

can u send pics of both to relkins3@tampabay.rr.com

2 race cars

Pic’s have been sent.

haven’t received pics try bilesfab@yahoo.com

pics to fast.199@hotmail.com


Pic’s have been sent to both of you.


ttt lets talk

Sent u a pm


Elkin, check your email or responds.


pics to mike@paintballersinc.com


ttt Still for sale.


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pics to teamjmsracing@aol.com


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Sportsman Sold

Thanks Karnac, Sportsman is sold!!!