? ocala ?

any word from ocala ? did they get it in tonight ?:ernaehrung004:

Rained out after enduro…good fan count and good car count. Rescheduled for October 8th. Still have time to build more cars.

Rain checks Don…how is that gonna’ work???
No stubs were given to fans on entry.:sprachlos020:

B.J. put in his press release that rain checks were given out. I would call the office if you did not get one and talk to them.

From release:

And with the infield quickly submerging under the deluge, officials called the event, gave tickets out as rain checks, and announced that the Car Warz show would be made up on October 8th. All fans presenting the returned tickets will get in free of charge that night, and pit pass holders will be able to present their arm bands for free admission as well. The tickets and arm bands will be honored for free admission only on October 8th.

Just to clarify, nothing was said to me about those fans who left before they began handing out tickets as rain checks. I understand fans that were there but had gone to their cars to get dry did not get them either, so I would have to imagine that they have a plan in place to handle that. Hopefully more info will be forthcoming on Monday or Tuesday.

I have already received emails concerning Car Warz rainout policy…the rainouts are handled by the track and all calls or emails should be sent to them. I know that over half the crowd either went to sit in their cars or left before the decision was made. Please keep all of these people advised as to how this will be handled BJ…

There were alot of people in their cars when the announcement came for rescheduling the show but B.J. is very good about keeping the fans informed and I am sure he will. Also, although they are not real good (Alex and I had a few problems with the camera and keeping it dry) a few pictures up in the photo gallery at www.crash-a-rama.com from last night. We will do better on the 8th.

I am going to try and get some clarification ASAP. As soon as I do I’ll be sure to post it.

I just spoke with Mike Peters on the phone and here is the real deal:

Anyone who was there last night and who did not get a ticket to use as a raincheck should go by Ocala Speedway Tuesday through Friday, 9AM-4PM, and personally get a raincheck from Mike Peters. He assured me that ALL tickets would be replaced for the show on October 8th as long as they got a raincheck from him. If there are anymore questions, please contact Ocala Speedway at 352-622-9400.

And in addition, there are a lot of falsehoods being spread around as to what happened last night, so don’t believe every story that you might hear. I’m pretty certain that a lot more will be said on this subject later on. Rest assured, there was no deliberate attempt by the Ocala Speedway owners to rip anyone off or not make good on ticket or wristband purchases. Every one of them will be made good as long as the purchaser contacts the track and makes arrangements to do so.

Glad I didn’t hear those rumors B.J. or I would have told them go talk to the racetrack. No track is stupid enough to rip off their customers (fans) and Ocala was packed last night and am sure it will be on October 8th. Sorry I missed you, Joe and Jim but we got there late due to running into rain and traffic but I will come much earlier on the 8th so I can see you guys. Poor Alex got soaked going up to the tower to see his friend Joe but he really wanted to say hi. But I promise we will get there earlier on the 8th and yes, I have our wristbands tucked safely away in my wallet.

Have a great Sunday and see ya in two weeks.