Ya'll ain't seen no rednecks lessen..

…you go to the other board and look at heated discussions! HILARIOUS!

Dude, that is funny. If I didn’t know the names and aside from the language I would think that it was Bobby Diehl arguing with himself.

Will somebody translate please?

I’m a little out of the loop, what is the other board your talking about ?

Hope you see this before it’s gone

Florida flagstand

Are we lookin at any particular thread??

just go to

the heated discussions and start reading the CMP related stuff. It’s pretty entertaining to me.

Yeah, see wnat you mean. They definately know how to get it on!!!Some ot them were on here a lot a while ago.


they opened a gallon can of spray kickimup redneck kikkie in theass and had it spread oll over the board

it was only a matter of time . very sad .

I was in that race and I’ll say one thing. These guys bring their feelings out in the open, not get on here and talk shit when they were’nt even there.
The track has the same problems as others, especially after being run in the ground last year.
I’ll be back up there this Saturday and race with the same guys, and probably a few more. :ernaehrung004:

give those belts an extra tug Jim . good luck saturday !