Osw Tbara - Second Thread

Since the first thread was hijacked by those who want to sling manure at each other, I’ll start another thread…
27 Cars!!! That even surprised me… There were a lot of “clunkers” out there, but those guys deserve to be on the track just as much as anybody else because they love the feel of a real race car… There were 20 top-notch machines that looked fabulous… Colin Cabre’s car is really pretty!
What can you say about Dave Steele? The guy is unbelievable. Sure he has the best equipment, but he made it look downright easy last night against the best field of Sprints anybody has had all year…
Matt Mercer was fast but broke early, So was Dakota Stephens but it looked like he burned his right rear up way too early then crashed pretty bad… felt bad for Ben Fritz because his car ended up in nasty condition too…
Sonny Harley gets turned into the wall early, gets back in the race despite a bent LR wheel and comes back to finish seventh…
Was sitting with Stan Butler in the pit stands and he clocked Dakota in his heat at 12.57!!!
Again, too bad the crowd wasn’t that good… I guess if the Sprints were towing boats the place would’ve been packed…
The place still needs some kind of a huge boost from somebody or something… They just lost the Legend Car Winternationals, not because Auburndale is that much better a facility, it’s because the Auburndale management WANT’S THE SHOW AND WILL SUPPORT IT…
Kudos to Boneman who ran early but left his car unloaded and went on track for the autograph session… Come on Boney, empty your Swiss bank account and buy SpeedWorld!!!

It was a great show Dave !

I was impressed with the 99. He made a charge to the front but spun coming out of three. He stayed on the gas, did a 360, and rejoined the race leaving a cloud of tire smoke behind. Pretty impressive.

Dave Steele has his stuff figured out.

I’m sure they will dazzle the fans at NSS tonight.

empty your Swiss bank account
Say what? Dave, I’m hoping I have enough money to buy your K-car when your done with it.

There is one constant at Speedworld…I always have a great time there. Last night I was parked next to some good friends and helped on their car, met some new folks too, in fact one guy came over to say hi that I’ve wanted to talk to for quite some time. Even during the autograph session, an old racing friend walked up who I hadn’t seen for 10+ years. Overall, it was a blast.

Ok, so my car was a little flat and I got passed. I’ll work on that and see if I can’t get it going like it used to.

The TBARA sprints were excellent, and even though Dakotah Stevens was fast at 12.57 and led much of the way, we were getting Dave Steele at 11.8 just a few laps from the end. On to New Smyrna!


I was going to let it go but - you just had to throw in the crap about the winter nationals in your so-called TBARA story -

Slinging a little mud of your own !

Until you can write a story without some sort of “Auburdales better”, your story will be considered more crap.

Orlando didnt lose the Legends Cars Winternationals, Somebody from Auburndale is to much of a panzy to support Orlando.

boneman,alterego and todd

thanks for the help friday night. the car was faster during practice…lucky i got to finish the feature with the battery going bad.it was a great night of racing and lots of fun

ss29 Great job hustling up alot of sponser support.

is that dpr race cars or dpr race car? Can I get your top secret set up info ?
Its not about being a panzy. Its all about the support you recieve form your track. How many people do you believe can race on Friday night? Wait, I have that answer … and it is 3 (three). How many people can race on Saurday night?.. Wait I have that answer also . and it is 20 (twenty). or more. Friday Bandoleros 4. Saturday Bandoleros 10. Consider what you post when your employed at a local track. It does not help the image of the track you represent. I am sure OSW would not appreciate your comment.

Thank You,
Russ Thomson
Legends Cars of Florida.

Call Me !!!

As of now, there are five Legend drivers that live in the general Orlando area and for the two that live on the southwest side, they can drive to Auburndale on a Friday quicker than they can to OSW… Rick Wetmore lives in Christmas not far from OSW but he’s been working out of state this year but should be back soon and will run both tracks… Everybody else lives in places like Palm Bay, Stuart, Lakeland, Plant City, Mulberry, Ocala etc. Impossible to make it on Friday without a lot of hassle… plus the economy is preventing many that would want to run both nights from doing so… Two OSW regulars, Critter Saile and Jim Rix don’t run Auburndale.
One reason for the move of the 2011 Winternational was the total lack of support Rusty Marcus and LCOF received from the home office last year, but INEX likes to move things around every so often anyway… The Legends have been around for many years, been through a lot of ups and downs and are in a real growth period right now… The Winternationals have also been held at Citrus and Punta Gorda in previous years along with OSW and now Auburndale… I’d also keep an eye on the short track at Daytona as Jim France is looking to run them there in the near future.

And Jim France is a former Legends driver himself. I’m sure he has a soft spot for them, and he surely has more political pull than ANY other short track around.

BUT… isn’t the Daytona track dirt???

Sort of a shale surface like the old Daytona Stadium track… Jim still has his Legend Car in storage and we have his helmet and uniforms in his personal “cage” in the back room of the Archives…

hahaha, i don’t work there brah brah lmao. And supporting a track, lets start off with we have tried to get people to come but our legends dealer wont come just because its a friday night, not looking good for a business. we have had the legends put to the end of the schedule and allowed a special practice during intermission for those who cant get off early, i think 8:45 is enough time to get to the track and be ready. so why dont you guys bring half of your saturday night crew and help out a falling track instead of just watching it die. i think there are people that can do that if they get enough encouragement which a business that supports a series should do to every track eqaully.:smilie_abcfra::sport009::huepfen024::aetsch013::light: hahaha, thats some good stuff.

what does dprracecars stand for? who are you ? I left my name and number for you , so man up or boy up and tell us who you are !!!
My racers dont care to get home at 2:00 am. That is why we are on the front of the schedule at all other tracks. We do not live 10 minutes from the race track. The average travel time for a legends car driver is 1.5 - 2 hours.

Russ Thomson

Legends Cars of Florida
call me !!!

Limestone is what it is, same as the Municipal Stadium (where I still hold the altitude record for Legends cars!). I ran the Flare Legends tour in it’s first season of 94 through 2000 and back then we ran more dirt shows than we ran pavement. We also ran the road course at Sebring and Roebling Road in Ga. We ran the 1/4 mile at Lakeland on a Friday night and hauled to Sebring and ran the road course Saturday and Sunday. All I changed was tire pressures, I was still running positive camber on the lf wheel, qualified 4th fast and finished 3rd in the race, first time I was ever on a road course. Boy, I miss those days, we sure had a blast!

[QUOTE=UREZ2PASS;51540]It was a great show Dave !

I was impressed with the 99. He made a charge to the front but spun coming out of three. He stayed on the gas, did a 360, and rejoined the race leaving a cloud of tire smoke behind. Pretty impressive.

Dave Steele has his stuff figured out.

I’m sure they will dazzle the fans at NSS tonight.[/QUOTE]

Itappears both osw and nss have had short car counts. Why not let osw and nss run on alternate Saturday nights and eliminate Friday completely. Yea I know some of you lose half your races but what if the payout could be twice as much because of car/fan participation. I don’t have a dog in this hunt we run drt a North Florida.

egspeedway i agree with you. It is hard for people to go to work get off at 5 pm to go to the race especialy if they have a 1 to 2 hour drive.

waiting on dpr,s responce.

Russ Thomson
Legends Cars of Florida

O by the whey ??
Who are you ?? Is it you or your mom or your dad ? Show up at Aurburndale and see if you are welcome after trashing lcof at Punta Gorda and Auburn
dale. Your pass will be revoked !!!

hahaha, can you not figure it out. and idc if i race at auburndale, atleast i was supporting unlike the dealer who is suppost to. :aetsch013:

Helpful hint… DP = Donovan Ponder
Even does his signature “brah brah” in his second post on this thread.

Donovan, maybe this would be a good time to learn when not to open your mouth?

Hey russ are u having fun yet. Look you bunch of Winners There are not to many people that will work as hard as russ for u . so give him your suport or u could loose him. do you remberwhat it was like before russ i do. dont be like the rest of the racing rag tag. be better and takecare of eachother and Russ that is what will make u strong

Don 62
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