Concerning The Owners Meeting

I spoke with Rex Guy this morning and he was very pleased with the meeting on Monday. ALL tracks were represented which is good to see.
There were a number of issues touched on and there are still several that are being worked on. The owners are in agreement that, with the current state of the economy, they MUST WORK TOGETHER for the betterment of the sport in Florida. Until all details discussed in the meeting are addressed and decisions are made, the owners agreed that no information will be forthcoming. Once all details are finalized, there will be a press release… Some things may be quite surprising and very good for the drivers, teams and fans. 2011 is looking very good for racing in Florida.

if no info is suppose to be said yet

guess charlotte county . jumped the gun … they done said how they was going to do it and good year tires guess bobby squelled and his two side kicks spoke there percentage worth

I don’t completely understand Ron. What does Bobby squelled mean? And what does Bobby have to do with it.