Sportsman Roller $1500 real nice car WILL SEND PICS

i have a roller on a 72 chevelle frame, 2006 monte carlo glass body, 3spd. 180 hedders, seat radiator, needs motor and belts, 22 gallon fuel cell. i have about 20 pictures on my phone i can send in minutes to serious people, danny at 863-441-0979, 1581739990

pics please


pics to

Please send pics to:

pics to

Still haven’t recieved pics.

heres some pictures

will have more up

heres some more

i need this car gone

what would you like for it/

what would you like for the sportsman?

$1500, this car is worth $2500 all day

someone needs this

Trade you a Ak-47 :slight_smile:


Hey I don’t know if this will help sell this car or not, but it won a championship up at Columbia Motorsport’s Park in about 2006. I also think this car is a 1976 Nova chassis with a Camaro front clip. This is a very well built car and would make somebody a good starter sportsman car.

Patrick Thomas 25


do you still have car

can u send pic of pass side door bars


do you still have car,are you sure its 72 not 73 chevele

Is the car still for sale? Can you post pics of all four corners? What was bent int he front end or did you just pull it apart?