Tracks are ALL on same page now!!!!


Ok but what if…what if all of the asphalt tracks paid the same, rules were the same, tires were the same. Where would you race??? Ohh and they all ran on the same night…a level playing field every one of them was the same!

Just curious.

Guess they would not travel and only go to their closest track to home. That would be my best guess.

They would not pack up and move out of Florida like I did. Living in the Greenville / Spartanburg was the best move I ever made. So many great tracks within traveling distance all with the same general rules.

All tracks for special events, OSW friday, NSS Saturday.

Hey Danny, how many yrs did it take them to figure that out??? Wonder if Wal-mart would be the worlds largest retailer or the worlds biggest Company if every store was differant? Or is today the day racetracks are simply a hobby for the owners. I lose track cause depending on the point someone tries to make the tracks are a hobby one day and a business the next!!

like some one said earlier closes track

but do you know some driver have raced for over 20 years and can’t race at another track ;

i know a driver at charlotte county that drives a big monte carlo in one of the classes that has never passed a car on out side he has won races but he ain;t no racer he is a bottom feeder

just stating a fact now one thing about charlotte county they have about 10 of the best open wheel drivers in state of fla that could race any were

The reason that I asked this question is…

I personally dont like the idea of all of the tracks creating a monopoly of sorts!

YES! The rules should be very similar not just in Florida, but everywhere…that would take a L O N G time to sell. There is no reason that the rules could not start…at least…conforming to one type of rule. FORGET about the tire deal…if you are going to go run a 100 lap…or even an extended lap race…you are buying tires…so in my opinion that is a moot point! Another point that was made was…“well the tire deal, we end up paying more for the tire so that they can contibute to the track!” Everthing that you buy is that way! When you buy a tire at the local tire store there is money built into it for advertising etc etc… One thing that folks forget is that all of these “deals” that are made with GoodYear, Hoosier, Coke, Pepsi, Dodge, Ford etc etc have been around for ever! THAT is track buisness…and I did not say that is the track’s business as if to say none of yours! That is what keeps that track operating! It has been done that way forever and since everyone knows the nuts and bolts of a race track now since the dawn of the computer, now everyone thinks the tracks are not being fair to the competitiors! Why does it matter where the point fund comes from? As long as it is paid it is all good! Do you think these owners own these things just…because? It is a business…get over that the one quote that keeps coming up …Well Robert said it was a hobby to him…Who cares! Are the gates open every week at what appears to be “ailing” tracks? (other than rainouts) And what tracks have had the same owners for decades?

Enough rant…what can we do to get the cars in line with the general rules? I know if I am a racer and everything is on the same page, I am going to the best track to race at!

Bring Back Rusty Marcus To Osw!! He Did A Good Job!!! I Bet He Can Get The Fans And Racers Back!!!