17 Pro Trucks start at PGS

What a great night! Nobody had anything for Mike Smith. It was nice to see T.J. Duke back. Also nice to have non regulars Whitney Poole,Zach Harris, Sam Scott,Travis Goddard, and Ricky Moxley. Also a shout out to Bruce Bennett who was very impressive in his first PGS start in a truck. Good run for Roger Blevins who got a top 3. Chris Huntoon came from last to 5th after having to swap transmissions and missing his heat race. This was the race of the night. We are trying hard to make this division grow as it is very popular and puts on some great racing. It was discussed in the drivers meeting that we will be running a couple of 50 lappers later in the season and the purse will be raised accordingly. Would be nice to get 25 trucks for these shows and make it a real homerun.

  1. 23 Michael Smith

  2. 28 T.J. Duke

  3. 15B Roger Blevins

  4. 24 Bruce Bennett

  5. 30 Chris Huntoon

  6. 2 Gerald Campbell

  7. 54 Zach Harris

  8. 14 Michael Burns

  9. 10 Ricky Bullard Jr.

  10. 00 Whitney Poole

  11. 15 Jeff Delaney

  12. 36 Ralph Chastin

  13. 47 Travis Goddard Jr.

  14. 14S Sam Scott

  15. 63 Phil Morrison

  16. 4 Kelli Burns

  17. 98 Cody Allen

  18. 38 Ricky Moxley D.N.S.

  19. 18 D.N.S.