No Thanks. But Might Just Take You Up On That Next Year In New York Don Nerone.

Love it up in Buffalo might just be up the next year. Do you know were Lancaster speedway is? :aetsch013:KARMA is my friend how about you??? CRASH A RAMA series OCTOBER 23 COLUMBIA MOTOR SPORTS PARK.

:huepfen024:Is that a formal invite for me to come to lake city from moe? .
Yes i know ware it is. That is ware ELVIS does crash a rama is it not.

What no invite to the show. we are coming to race if it ok with you. So was that an invite to lakecity? Can i come. We want to buy a ticket. Please respond Moe.:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

formal invite?

everybody is invited to the show don. more tickets=more money. lets give moe some of our hard earned money and enjoy his show. was at ocala with car warz last week and loved it. your split is the best thing that ever happen for me, means more local shows, and keeps you both on your toes for that competitive edge. great show last week don, hope moe can equal it. see you all in lake city.

Greg i was told that i shouldnt go.
so i tryed to get moe to invite me. No reply

Yeah don, i have a great idea. why don’t you build a car and compete in lake city. i’d be happy to team up for roller derby with you.

i can read the headlines now! Team Car Warz vs Crash A Rama series, who will be victorious? only time will tell.

Not enough time now but i have the will just not the time.
do have some parts i have been saving and will build 1 more. still got 3 cars in ohio thats why i was trying to get an invite from Moe. Its to late now to get the truck here. Next time in lakecity.

maybe, orlando. if moe wants to run your new york show, the least he could do is invite you to his show.

Thanks Greg

Greg looks like we are also going to New York next year that is what I meant. And would stop by Holland when I was up there. As for having Don at Lake City, it would not be in the best interest for Columbia Motorsports Park for him to be there. That’s all I would like to say about that. THANKS MOE:ernaehrung004:

well, i’m looking for someone to team up with in roller derby. anyone interested?

Guess im not invited greg.
Moe you are welcome at all 12 of our shows next year.
I know that rick and robert would not agree with you (they are promoters and you are still learning.)
this is traning moe
Dont take it to bad.
Keep your friends close And what ------------
You and Jimmy cast the first srone

Don 62
Bait in the water

Greg You Can be on our team…is it a stock or pro Roller derby?


Well Moe said no.(we can di it at ALBURNDALE or DSSOTO) I will let u drive one of the cars in ohio if u can get some time off,
I was juet playing with Moe he takes it hard. I knew what he would say. I wanted everybody to see what he said. Hes not havig any fun.

Don Nerone
CRASH A RAMA INC :huepfen024:(pres)

Don, you and your side kick keep up the good work with what you do. We all know you’re the best. Again, not in the best interest of any of us at the Crash A Rama SERIES and Columbia MotorSports Park to have you come there but thanks for wanting to be part of the best CRASH SHOW around. Don you know I AM NOT going to any of your shows. Why would I want to make them BETTER. I am sure they need some help but that’s just the word on the street. Well I’ve better stop playing and get back to work. God knows CMP needs it after what you did up there. man oh man. A bunch of great people up there. We’re having a blast. f with you later :ernaehrung004:

i’m sure there will be a pro roller derby, moe will want to run his car. i’m only bringing 1 car and it is a armored pro roller derby car. on a side note, i want to run the boat and trailer race, does anyone have a extra boat?

stock roller derby AT CMP

if you have a hoop welded to the bumper to help save your front end that is fine but only built up car for the boat race. THANKS CALL ME IF ANY OTHER QUESTIONS 407 625 1776

stock roller derby

well i guess that leaves me out, do u need a puck driver?

will there be any extra boats at the track, moe? i’m hoping to only make 1 trip.

Moe what is the list of events for that night, Trying to bring what we can