For All You Old Northeast Modified Fans

The latest Old Bridge Speedway Reunion was held on Sunday… Some neat pictures:

  1. Elton Hildreth is still kicking around… Nice restoration of one of his old cars…
  2. Car that was driven by Charlie Lidmar - after sitting for 40 years!!
  3. Fan John Fillimon with a door from one of Bob Malzahn’s Modifieds…
  4. Neat restoration of one of the old XL-1 Mods driven by Joe Kelly…

Dave, do you have any pictures of Buzzie, Will Cagle, or Pete Corey from the old modified days in the Northeast ?

There are some of Buzzie and Will on my web site

Thanks Dave

I love the pic of the old man and the #69 car… :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing…
carol aka oz

Pete Corey…


Thanks Frasson, Pete was the man, absolutely fearless. Buzzie told me once that there was a race that required pitting for fuel (not sure where) but Pete showed up with a 55 gallon drum for a gas tank, he never had to pit and won the race.

a few more pic’s of Pete Corey

Pete Corey.jpg

Those old Studebakers made such good looking racecars… Remember when automobiles had real style and personality?

And the stude v8 with 12.5 to 1 pistons added,porting and headers that split center ex ports ,run super well,had a better/stronger v8crank then anything early 50’s