Coco fair demo derby

Hey Moe, Are you going to run the coco fair demo next month? If you are and are building more than one car and need a driver let me know. Ray#62

Ray, why would Moe call you about the second car? Do you know a good demo driver?

I know a few and none are named boneman(bonehead).

Yeah, I’ll never forget the day you guys rousted me out of demo retirement. I went to Crash A Rama and beat Moe. I wish you were there so I could have delivered the “one two knockout”.

Any plans to build another car DemoRay?

Hopefully next season I can run a few and maybe get you to come out of retirement again. you were lucky I didn’t run the crash-a-rama that you were in. you would have been the first one knocked out.

Don’t tell me, show me!
Hope to see you back in action soon.

If I build a car will you run again?

Depends on the class. I really don’t have the time to make one of the unlimited demo cars like you guys used to run. I am juggling 3 racecars and they will be the priority. But it would be fun to get in a stock demo, with minimal preparation, and we could go at it!

yeah if you are going to run it should be something simple to build cause you suck at real demo’s.

dont worry bone he wont show. I built a car for chuck and put up $1000 to win just the 2 of them. Kept the car for 3 years. no ray. u cant hit what u cant see.
well ray watts u got to say.

If I had made it there none of you would have had this much fun busting my ass for the past three years. If you still have the car why don’t you enter it at coco and let me drive it for you. I will show up.

Boneman Every One Get’s Lucky Once

Maybe Ray, we will see. If Chuck is running and you need some help,:ernaehrung004: just call. Will be glad to help out.

“everyone gets lucky once”

You are absolutely right about that one! And no one was more surprised than me. Hey, we had some fun and tore up some stuff…that was the whole idea.

Good Job Boneman…

You did very well and hope to get you back in one next year, going to be having more derby’s at some tracks next year…:slight_smile: ALSO BIG CAR DERBY AT COLUMBIA MOTORSPORTS PARK OCTOBER 23 SHOULD BE THE BEST DERBY THERE EVER.:ernaehrung004:

Im bring a 73 Impala or maybe an 81 delta…