Our guests this evening will be Phil and Michelle Ellis and James Knight! Tune in at 7 P.M. and have fun listening!

There is was, the most interesting story I’ve ever heard on this show. I had no idea about James Knight’s story: his intense desire to compete and win, his life and death struggle with cancer, and now the uncertainty of being sidelined while he searches for racing money. No kidding, this guy is living a movie script. I’m going to read his biography one day, or watch his life story, and its gonna be interesting!

Know what I loved about listening to James? No complaining! Not about anything. Life has dealt him a difficult hand to play with the cancer and other issues, but he seems to brush that aside and focus in a very respectful way on the competitors he has faced. I didn’t hear any regrets, no bragging about the guys he can outrun, only discussion of goals to meet and races to win. How refreshing, and what a racer this guy must be. All drive and all heart.

Good job Jack and Jason. I got a kick out of the Ellis’s too. They sound like a good racing family.