turn key 4 cylinder bomer

have a 1990 chevy cavalire 5 speed tran ran at citrus and can run ocala speedway $ 1200 obo or trade for a pure stock home 352-628-3463 or 352-220-2039:)

ill all so trade for a pure stock:sport009:

if you have any pics send them goose9362@yahoo.com
What # was this car at citrus?


the car was the #7 now # 6:)

4 cylinder

i just try to get the pics up

just what is a " bomer " ? never heard of that class .

it just a 4 cylinder basaly stock

you can race it in 4 cylinder bombers,gladiators,challengers or pretty much any 4 cylinder stock class.it’s a fast one to.

thats funny ill trade you my mower for it

4 cylinder

tell you what you give me $1200 AND TAKE THE CAR AND KEEP YOUR MOWER AND THAT THE DILL FOR YOU :aetsch013:

i love my mower that car is slow a hell you ran a 26 they ran a 16 that is fast 200 for it


well i pulled off the trailer and never had a chang to do any thing and i dont no what race you where at first time in the car i ran a 20.027 slow time was 25.027 go look at the piont on the 16 race in 4 cylinder so be for you say something you better do your home work now i dont no way your doing this but i have not said any thing on you saleing you car but dud pleec stop and be a man a bout this thank you:aetsch013:

dont worry about this a hole i got your trade ed


ok send the pics and give me a number to call you:)

i got your ass hole buddy

4 cylinder

sale pending

car sold

car has been sold:ernaehrung004: