Nss 50 Lap Sportsman

Im looking for information about coming to the 50 lap sportsman race this weekend, would like to get ahold of tech man or someone i can speak to about the rules. Anyone know the tech mans phone number?
Aaron Williamson

Aaron… Call Rick Bristol at 407-497-0448… He can propbably tell you who to talk to and even answer some question for you himself… Good luck if you go… just don’t hit that wall… it’s HARD!

call the head tech man jeff sutcliff at 386-314-2441 . good luck !

Good luck Aaron! That place is bad fast.

Can you please tell me what time the pit gate opens this weekend.

Thank You

Aaron has always enjoyed racing up there.

pit gate opens at 4 and practice starts at 5

Sounds like its shaping up to be a pretty good race. Any of them Citrus or Cmp boys coming?

EDM, you may or may not know But Aaron has been racing at Citrus all years. So there’s one Citrus driver for you.

Aaron has been running well at Citrus and has a few feature wins, as does his sister Ashlee. It seems they like to get their wins on the same night. LOL Good luck Aaron and any other Citrus drivers.

OK, so is there any other Citrus drivers coming?