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I was asked by someone to post this as they couldnt get on…Carol aka OZ

Hey everyone -
Happy to announce that after a long, long wait, “The Adventurist-FASCAR”, featuring the Alan Bruns racing team will finally debut on TV in the US. The episode, and series, aired all over the world on NATGEO INTL. but due to contract issues and a network collapse, the series has never aired in the US. Earlier this year, Discovery HD Theater licensed the series and premiered the first episode, (BASEJUMP the Eiger), two weeks ago. The network has put the show in the Thursday 9PM time -slot and this upcoming Thursday at 9P will be the US premier of the FASCAR episode. *(If you are on the Brighthouse Cable system I believe it is channel 1235). Thanks again for letting us be part of your crew for a week, we had a great time and I hope that you all love the show. **Please let everyone involved in the show know that it is on and Joby sends his best wishes and thanks as well. (he’s currently in Everest)
Thanks again - Roman Gackowski

I have been "DVR"ing the show but have not been able to watch a complete episode yet. It drags on and is kind of boring but I am looking forward to the race episode. I was at Nss that night and the guy did a great job behind the wheel. He stayed out of trouble and I think he stayed on the lead lap.

Its too bad Mark wasn’t announcing then. I had almost forgot how bad Via really was until the show aired tonight.