With Great Sorrow!

A long time Tampa bay racer has gone on to be with the lord today. Jim Kelly has raced every thing from Street Stock to Late Models and Sprint Cars. Jim was a good friend and we enjoyed many hours reminising over the “OLD DAYS”
I talked to him this morning and prayed with him about surgery today. Jim will be sadly missed. My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Tommy, and Timmy, his 2 sons as well as their family’s. Rest in piece my brother! Bob…

[SIZE=“4”]Bob ?

WOW what a shocker to hear about Jim?s passing.

I haven?t seen or spoke with Jim since we were racing back in
the day but I know you guys have been close for some time.

Please accept my condolences and be sure to
pass them onto Jim?s family for me.

Here are a few shots of Jim in some of my
old Sunshine Speedway programs.

This first one is from July, 1973.
He’s on the left in frame #2.

This one is from May, 1974.
He’s down in the lower right in frame #10.


I rember him well. we worked a lot of shows together when he was with Dan Jones. I rember him allwase telling me take it easy its going to be ok. great offical and a great person.


u know what realey ticks me off. I went to Dan Jones funeral and me robert Hart Jim Kelley Bob Mitton were the only racers there. i think jimmy cope also.
Now we lost 3 more this week.

Don Nerone