The WINNING strickly stock

The car won 8 races in a row with 14 year old kid driving it.
10 races on motor. motor done by central florida machine and speed.
Also wins at new smyrna as well. Great wes 321-282-8708


TTT This car Fly’s!

how much is it


how much call me jerry 863 261 5215

race car

I sent you a e -mail with offer and Ill call you sometime on sunday to talk Thanks ART

i’ll take $2500 for it

U cant build a better faster car for that price. everything is new and old wore out parts replaced…This car is fast the thing you will be choking on is it’s dust.

thats not a bad price at all for that car it can beat all of the sade car;s and some of them have over 2500 in there motor’s i wouldnt go below 2200 on this car i seen william drive it

Thanks Eric…I wish I had the Money, I’d Buy your super stock

i know more than you ever will . not talking trash sorry . if you need to spend that kind of money on a strictly stock you need serious help . for a class that races for a hamburger ? you have lost your mind . no wonder the class has gone to hell .

this car is worth 2,500 its safe and not all worn out…it would make a great dirt car:ernaehrung004:

I Have Seen The Car Race. I Would Bet A Weeks Pay That It Is Cheated Up!!! Big Time!!! The Suspension Sets Real Low Compared To The Other Metric Cars!!! What Is The Ride Height? Specs On Engine? A Strictly Stock Should Not Cost More Than $500.00. What R U Guys Smoking?? Can I Have Some???

bring your weeks pay stock springs what can you buy for $500 dont worry about my price have 3 people looking at it this weekend oh and passed tech ever time but once . why are yall so negitive to everone

And I’ll raise you a months pay that your wrong and the springs are right!
500.00? you cant hardy build a demo derby car for 500 bucks.

lets see…
1987 Buick Regal rolling from Junkyard 200.00…worth 300 to the crusher.
250 for a cheap cage kit,not counting installing the cage. 80 bucks for a set of stock steel wheels. battery, motor, tranny,gauges seat,belt window net lug nut.

The nickel and dime shit all adds up. I know I do all I can to recycle and keep reusing old part belt blah and it still nickel and dimes the hell out of me

Bottom Line Is this is a top notch Strictly Stock/enduro type car that is well worth the asking price.!! This forum is for buying selling and trading not to tell someone there stuff is Junk. If you not interested in the car…move on.

Mr Bobo I’d really like to meet you. I’m at OSW and NSS every weekend I drive the 89x please come on over and say hello.:anim_buttkick:

any trades

trade you my boat

ill think about a boat

no thanks on boat

new price $2200 or $1500 roller

will trade up for racecar super stock ,sportsman ,latemodel

how about mod mini?