Woman killed driving replica Indy car

[SIZE=“4”]Damn shame.

This will likely be the death knell for the Indy Car Ride-Along Experience.

Woman Killed Driving Replica Indy Car


This is a tragic accident and very sad for this woman’s family.

But to be fair, don’t confuse the Andretti Racing Experience with the Indy Racing Experience. The Indy Racing Exp uses only actual, race proven Indy chassis(all carbon fiber) with purpose built motors and Firestone tires. Their 2 seater is custom built by Dallara (official Indy car chassis builder) not modified to fit.

The cars I saw used by Andretti (not all their cars, perhaps) are tube frame, fiberglass covered creations using late model wide five hubs. I took one look and said “I wouldn’t drive that”