Auburndale Late Model Finish

  1. Jeff Scofield
  2. Anthony Campi
  3. Joe Boyd
  4. Tim Russell
  5. Steve Dorer
  6. Jason Hogan
  7. Jason Boyd
  8. David King
  9. Jon Guy
  10. Tyler Laing
  11. Keith Lilley
  12. Jason Vail
  13. Perry Lovelady
  14. Brandon Anderson
  15. Joe Winchell
  16. David Hart
  17. Ryan Lisak
  18. George Gorham, Jr.
  19. Ricky Diaz
  20. Steve Tregear
  21. Daniel Webster
  22. Ron Lofquist
  23. Tracey Raven
  24. Rusty Ebersole
  25. Talon Craft

Fast Time: Tim Russell - 13.433

Lap leaders - Campi 1-64, Scofield 65-100

Daniel Webster slid off the track to avoid a tangle on lap 33, hit the dirt bank surrounding the light pole in turn three and did a wild flip… Car was toast but Dan is OK…

Huge crowd!!!

How is that new groove working out, I haven’t heard anything about it? Did it promote more 2 wide racing? Working nearly every Sat and Sunday this year has made it difficult to make the trip. Hoping to catch at least one race this year.

steve dorer made a really pretty late pass on hogan for fifth on the outside, but otherwise, it was pretty much business as usual… try to get a nose inside somebody and either nudge them up the track or wait for a mistake. good racing overall, fewer cars than expected but none were junk… like him or not, scofield knows his way around auburndale. kept wishing wayne anderson was there. like him or not, he adds to a late model show.

Jason Hogan from Georgia, Jason Hogan?

yes, jason “i got a hauler bigger than jimmie johnson’s” hogan