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we are changing the format of Inside Florida Racing for awhile. Instead of bringing in guests who everyone knows and everyone supports, (the big name racers) we want to give time to the guys and women who show up every week in a road warrior, pro 4, truck etc. but are not necessarily champions or well known. the real back bone type of racer… we also want to pay tribute to the veterans, such as Bobby Brack and Gary Balough…the guys who pioneered this sport…
If you know someone who you think would be a fun or interesting guest on the show, please email me with name, class, and a phone number.
Thank you…
carol wicks aka oz

carol if you want to get some one really good

you got to get big jim fenton/ FOUR / he has won lot of races bunch of big ones he knows ever body . and he is a computer when it comes to racing

great choice!

thanks ron… will call jim soon. we are set for this week and next. sometimes its hard to see the forest thru the trees… :wink: Jim should have been top on my list. he emails me daily with awesome pictures etc so i just didnt think of him… he is a very special man. AS ARE U!
carol aka oz

carol i went in hospital for the test

ever thing came out ok cut 9 out had trouble with one had to staple me up i’m home thanks my son goes in to moffit cancer center at 4 am in the morning to have his colon removed god i hope ever thing comes out ok

                      will let you know ron abney sr see ya


im so happy to hear you are ok and you can be sure your son will too because our prayers are with him…I know mine are!
you take care of yourself…yes, please let me know as soon as you know. I care…

Are you guys sticking to asphalt racing, or are you willing to talk to some dirt racers too? If so, then I’ll send you some suggestions from Ocala and Volusia.


dirt racers are just as entertaining and interesting as asphalt racers and i would be grateful if you referred us to someone.
just remember that we are looking for the less known driver who is there every week and supports your track… :wink: i know you have many up there. thank you BJ
please email me the name, class, and phone number of the driver. too hard to keep track on here.

OK Carol. Getting phone numbers will probably be a problem at Volusia unless I can enlist the help of management there since racing is done for the season, but I’ll try. Ocala will run this Friday, and I’ll get some names and numbers for you.

Ron, I’ll be praying for you, your son, and the entire family. I’m on my way to becomming a cancer survivor as of yesterday with my first chemo session. Its tough, but that which fails to kill us only makes us stronger!

thank you BJ

your help is appreciated. dont go to a whole lot of trouble. we can only take 2 drivers a week and sometimes Jack has other things on the agenda. but i will keep a log for the future.
also thank you for keeping Ron in your prayers, and you too are in ours. cancer is a scary word and each time we hear of a survivor it offers alot of hope. seems like our racing family have many who need our support. glad we are tight!

carolwicks aka oz

Ron, I hope all went will with your son this morning. We are keeping ya’ll in our prayers. I like your idea of Jim Fenton, he is always interesting to listen to.

About Ron Abney Jr.

I just talked to Ron Sr… Jr. has been in surgery for over 5 hours (it is now 12:15 p.m.) and still in there. Ron Sr. will call me when he gets out and i will keep you informed. Sr. is doing well after his surgery this week…(Thank God & doctors)
carolwicks aka oz