About my "Camaro's being run @ OSW" question....

Didn’t mean to cause so much trouble.Wasn’t meaning for it to sound like we were complaining about anything.We think it’s great to run Camaro’s and cars like that.We were just trying to figure out what we can build for next season.Sorry we stirred up so much controversy.

Without your post id be sooo bored, Thanks LOL:sport009:

racing fun

Ive had a blast on here tonight thanks we should do this at least twice a week . Those other folks seem to really have a problem but it will come out in the wash


No fault of yours, it just opened a can of worms that I thought was sealed.

Look for some exciting news from NSS and OSW in the near future !

Alot of the complainers will be coming back, all you gotta do is wave a little cash and they will come a-running like dogs to a dinner bowl.

Good luck getting a car ready for next season !

lmao it was great .they have always been like that…me and airboat have been buddys at the track for some time now …the way i wrote my post could have been better he know what a was tryin to say…just more fun to talk crap for a bit:grinser010: