News about Ron Abney Jr.

Ron Sr. just called. Jr. was in surgery 7 hours and just got out. They took quite a bit of his colon which was in fact loaded with cancer. They had to cut him from his chest to his stomach so recovery will be awhile. The good news is that they got all the cancer and he will return to normal functions. No colostomy bag.
Ron Sr. and I had quite a crying time and he asked me to sincerely thank all of you for your love and your prayers. He feels we have helped him keep his son!
He said they will not be back in the racing mode for awhile but he will always have us close in his heart and he will call and let us know how they are coming along.
I highly recommend everyone going for a colostomy… it is painless. the worse part is preparing … i was given a choice of drinking the nasty stuff or taking pills. i took the pills and it was aweful…lol colon cancer, if caught in time, is almost always a complete cure. they remove the bad section and usually encapsulate the cancer…
thank you again for your kindness and your prayers.
carol wicks aka oz

I highly recommend everyone going for a colostomy…
I’m sure you don’t mean that.

Ron, really glad to hear your son is doing good and they got the cancer. Best of luck to all of you.

Great news ! I hope his recovery is as painless as possible and speedy !


i knew that didnt look right but ive been so busy today i just let it go. COLONOSCOPY! thanks winger… i try to be meticulous about my spelling so i wont get scolded…lol i goofed.
carolwicks aka oz


Ur mi favor- it miss pellar !

Luv, your internet son EZ


thats EZ 4 U 2 say!

Thanks for the up date, so glad all went will. Stay strong Abneys, and we’ll keep praying for ya.

I’ll second that! Best of luck in the coming months!

a tough night…

Jr. took a turn for the worse. the meds they gave him caused some serious reactions that affected his heart and kidneys. he has tubes to help him breathe and he had to be restrained to stop him from pulling all the needles and hoses out. he is resting now and they family are exhausted and worried. so please keep them in your prayers. this has been the day from hell for Ron… thank you for caring and keep those prayers coming… i will check on him in the morning after my dr. appointment at 10…

The Abneys are in my prayers and have been. Hopefully Ron Jr. will be up and around before you know it and back home. No surgery is fun and you never know what medicine you can take until they give it to you and find out it doesn’t work for you. Almost lost Alex once when they gave him the wrong one and he turned blue and stopped breathing. Scariest moments of my life and now we know what he can’t have. But you are in my prayers and if you need anything, please let me know. Your racing family is here for you always.