Hamke/Lawler to Run Bright House and Governor's Cup at NSS

from Speed51.com
Ryan Lawler in Hamke House Car for Smyrna Governor’s Cup

Texan and former PASS South Super Late Model Champion Ryan Lawler will be back behind the wheel of a Robert Hamke-owned SLM this weekend for the Bright House Challenge Series event at New Smyrna Speedway (FL) and will also pilot the Hamke #74 in the Governor’s Cup at New Smyrna on November 20th. Lawler won the PASS South title and the Winchester 400 in 2007 in a Hamke house car.

This should be a very strong team to contend with. Great to see some out-of-town participation.

Now, get Chase Elliott out there, and you’ll see some tickets getting sold. This kid is absolutely FOR REAL. Won the Winchester 400 last weekend, and has been a top 3 car (lots of wins) all year long. You’ll see him in Cup racing the week he turns 18!

Didja see Tim Steele was in the Winchester field? In his familiar #16… Didn’t set the world on fire, but good to see him back in action…

RE: Chase - yea he is going to be headed to Cup as soon as he can. I heard a comment from Bill regarding the thoughts that Chase was in superior equipment - his response was something along the lines of “of course he is - why wouldnt he be in the best equipment?”

The reality is he has beaten enough top flight guys with enough top flight equipment to make me a beleiver. Watching him hustle around the country and win damn near everywhere he ran is impressive. I just loved the fact that they dont try to hide or diminish the fact that he is running great equipment.

Real excited to see Lawler come to NSS. He has been impressive in good equipment himself over the years. I hope this is starting a trend of attracting out of state guys to the Gov Cup.