Kahne Fired!

According to Jayski’s, Kasey Kahne was fired from RPM yesterday and will be replaced in the #9 by Aric Almirola. Kahne will drive the 383 this week.

It is also a headline on www.nascar.com… It reports that Almirola will move over from the #83 Red Bull this weekend and Kahne will “slide” into the #83 Red Bull Car this weekend…

Kahne wasnt fired. he asked for his release since before the chase started for these last 5 races. Aric is becoming well known around nascar garages and was asked to race the #9 car this weekend. No further plans beyond this weekend.

[SIZE=“4”]RPM has bigger issues than the Kasey Kahne debacle.

RPM May Not Run Past Martinsville

[QUOTE=Jim Fenton;53044][SIZE=“4”]RPM has bigger issues than the Kasey Kahne debacle.

RPM May Not Run Past Martinsville
I think It’s a shame, no matter what team it is, just a shame. I think there should be a cap on the amount of $ a team , or owner of several teams can spend each yr. I mean I’m sure it would be high enough to keep the wanna be’s out but low enough to allow teams like RPM be able to compete, maybe!! Its all about money now and that is whats ruining the sport. I mean people constantly complain about hating tha Dam Yankees when they beat their team, all you hear is "Those damn Yankees bought another world series or whatever!) At least there IS a salary cap in most sports, I say something must be done in NASCAR. When a tean like Hendricks has 4-5 times more money to put into his teams how can anyone in their right mind really expect anyone to ever be able to compete? I have nothing against Hendrick, any of his drivers in any way so please don’t twist this around. Just for example, I’m not saying wether I’m a big fan the 84 in the fast series, but love or hate him, he’s a heck of a driver. How many times did he try to qualify for a cup race 2 or 3 yrs ago? He simply didn’t have the equipment, give him similar equipment, he would of been there. Today BJ McCloud tries to qualify for a truck race, I hope he makes it, but he has a tough row to hoe. If he had the big $ he would of been called up a long time ago. Sorry, it’s a lot more about money than it is racing.

Tunaman we each know a young driver (Aaron Williamson) in my case. That could go a long way in NASCAR if he was racing in that series. But we all know there are only 43 car per race. And you better bring your money with you. Having said that I think it will be the down fall of NASCAR in the end for not going after the BEST drivers out there. NOT the ones with the most money!

All Racing Is About Money

I don’t care what class you race, where you race, or what kind of racing you do it is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY just look at local racing every class has someone who will out spend everyone else and there is no way you can stop it. Besides racing is like life most everyone races and lives outside their budget if we didn’t you could never have any fun.

I agree with you, and know of no way to stop it, especially on the local level. I mean how does anyone know what anyone actually spends? I guess the only way to level the playing field would be with the rules book. Write em, then enforce em. I understand theres gonna be more working together on the local front, talking about the tracks. The same tire at every track is good for the car owners. Also trying not to have conflicting schedules. I personally think some sort of tire rule would be good on the local front. NASCAR, there could be some limitations on money spent on each team. We all know of drivers, love or hate em, that are there because of the sponsorship $"s the driver brought with them. And yes, there are lots of local drivers that could be competive anyplace.

You really can’t blame Nascar for the downfall of RPM. Maybe you should blame the worlds most popular sport for its problems. (That would be soccer, in case you don’t know.) The financial issues RPM is experiencing is directly related to the financial problems of it’s owner who is having serious problems with his soccer team. Maybe I should say his former soccer team, which was bought by Roush Fenway’s John Henry. Anyway, it’s been quite a scandal in the soccer world for several months and it’s ramifications are now being felt in Nascar.

I agree, I bet Rick Hendrick does too!!!