Speaking of Senseless and Stupid

Was perusing through Speed51 and noticed a link to this story…


There is no place for arguments with cars in the pits, but… Of course all stories have two sides.

Now I agree that something has to be done with the two drivers at the speedway, but one must consider if there is a history, other problems, personal agendas…

What is everybody’s opinion.

In my opinion, what happened on the track should be handled by the track. Also what happened in the pits untill the #7 started to use his car as a weapon. I can understand the actions of #44, but he also used his car as a weapon. As far as the fans standing around, they walked over to watch, and when it got dangerous they should have walked away. It wouldn’t surprise me if both drivers get charged with endangerment. billy

That is one thing I can’t stress enough to competitors. If you feel you have been wronged on the track, let the track handle it! Don’t go to another competitor’s pit or pull a stunt like that. And don’t do anything under yellow! Some guys are so good at provoking another driver into something, that often the non guilty party get’s in trouble for being baited into retaliating. It is there fault for taking the bait though and the often times dirty driver will now walk away clean due to the action of retaliation. Use your head and think, and you will prevail in life.