sms flathead with only 3 races $200

sms racing briggs flathead motor with only 3 races on it.runs great $200,call 321-458-0825.

Do you have the complete components to set up a race ready SECKS champ for next season? Unfortunately it’ll take me some time to get cash I’m not ready yet, could be a while.

Unless you would be interested in swapping the motor for an unopened NR2003 racing sim and I’ll wait for a roller for the motor. I have 2 legit sims for sale for online racing. NR2003 is the best sim out there for realistic computer racing.

Unopened sim goes for 250.00 on line. Last year they went for 600.00. All depends on if you like computer racing for the big tracks that don’t play like a foolish game. I had bought 3 extra licenses as back up and don’t need that many.

Otherwise I gotta wait until spring and will be looking for a complete cart.