Update on Ron Abney!

well “Pops” just called and i think he was singing! Jr. got up and walked to a chair and sat. he was in great spirits and healing. His heart is much better but they still have work to do on the kidneys. He may be in a regular room sometime today. When he does, he can then have friends visit. He is still in ICU right now.
So!!! Once again I think we have helped heal one of our family with the strong power of love and prayer… YAHOOO! :huepfen024:
carolwicks aka OZ

Glad to hear some good news. Hopefully he won’t have anymore problems with his kidneys if he can get up and move around. Still praying for him that he heals quickly and gets to come home soon.

Boy thats Good news.

Ron I am glad Jr. is better. I’ll keep praying till he’s poking me on Farmville. He’s a good boy. We need to see him in a Open Wheel soon. Our prayers are with him. Bob…

i want to thank ever one for ever thing you did ron jr

today i really think he is going to make it thank god me and my wife and his children and his wife just could not make it with out him . god only gave us one son he is our only child .yes he is 37 but he will allways be my little boy

i called hospital this morning to speak to my wife to ask her how ron was and she said he is little better did i want to seak to him on phone i said yes then i heard this voice say how you doing pops i liked to have fell over he never calls me pops un less he has done some thing super special he allways calls me dad i knew then he was gonna make it thank you carol wicks - jim fenton you will all ways be # 1

with us you really perked him up when you came to see him and thank ever one for all your prayers he ain’t out of woods yet but he is getting better should get a room later today or tomorrow thanks ron abney sr

Thank goodness! Go Ron, go!

On the KARNAC front, we are lucky to have some excellent, caring people around here like Carol and Jim.

Great to hear that he is somewhat up and moving… Hey Ron, before you know it, he will be up needling you as always…

thank you boney!

just want to mention that i really love doing this but sometimes i hear about people who have been thru health hell but i dont know about it til its long over and sometimes i get chastised for it. i would not wish my enemies ill health or bad luck. never… so if i dont call or send a card etc. it is simply because i dont know. Thank you all for caring with me.
carolwicks aka oz


Great News! Thinking About You And Prayin’ For Ya! Big Ron Give Me A Call When U Get A Chance!


That is very good news, I will keep Ron Jr. and all the Abneys in my prayers until he is home with his family. Just keep the faith and try to do alittle more each day and you will be home before you know it.

God bless you all.


Ron, you know that we love you all and have you all in our prayers, especially Jr. He is strong and his faith will get him through this. Our children are special and a part of our lives that keep us going. In our prayers and thoughts and if you need anything, just call.