2006 millenium chassis/sbr animal motor

2006 millenium chassis
blue frame very good shape about 15 races on it
new axle
new axle bearings
new brake rotor
new brake pads
new chavous large seat
motor mount
tinted faring

sbr animal raced one year about 12 races
new control plate and throttle linkage
won dds animal sr champ championship
generation 4 blue printed
serial #1796

email chapmanracing6@aol.com

frame 1.jpg

frame 2.jpg

mew animal.JPG

new animal 2.JPG

new animal 3.JPG

also have rampage flathead by blaze martin 7 races on it since rebuild $750

$650 for the animal
$650 for the flat head

flat head.JPG

flat head 2.JPG

how much just for the cart?