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Is Done at Punta Gorda Speedway. I just got a call from Greg Robac and my services are no longer needed. They are upset because I put a clip up on u-tube that showed the track in a bad light IE:, empty stands. As all of you know I put up the u-tube clips for your enjoyment not to harm the track. I want to publicly apologize if anyone took anything I did or said to the detriment of PGS. If I did it wasn’t intentional. I have enjoyed the years I spent there and you guys have a special place in my heart forever. The truth be known I have thought a lot about quitting anyway. They had told John and I both recently that we had to pay rent for the privilege of working there. That coupled with the cost of fuel has made it not very profitable. I thank all who supported me these last few years and I’ll see you at tracks around the state. Later Bob…

Oh man… That sux. As an outside observer, that looks like an over-reaction by the track. A little guidance about their expectations for you would have been a better first step.

On the positive side, you are now free to hang out at other tracks, so I hope you can make it up to our part of the state more often.

I saw nothing wrong in your video…how do you fire a guy you don’t pay??? Thanks for everything bob. I will call u later

Let me get this straight:

They charge YOU for the rights to video their races.
You do your job, but it exposes what a bad job THEY are doing (empty stands)
YOU get fired for it… by the same people that didn’t pay you anything in the first place

Bob… only 2 words to remember here… “F-Them”.

Tell me again what a great job they are doing with PGS.

New promoter. not your first one but i hope its the last. least i never fired you.

See ya bud


All I can say is that its there lose Bob you alway did a great job when I was there at CCMP. It would be very hard to have film a CD from where you have to sit and not show the stands. You also sell the CD so anyone that buys a CD can see the stands not a big deal about if stands are full in today times. I wonder what the real reason is for your firing? Also I wonder who will be next???

Gary Laplant

I hold no animosity with Kevin or PGS. They have some problems but hopefully they wake up before its too late. Rex is right this will free me up to visit other tracks when I can afford it. Rex has called about Auburndale but I am tired. I need a break from the drama of race tracks. I won’t be able to stay away from racing long. I have been racing since I was 9 years old and I will soon be 70. I stood and listened to Kevin cuse me up one side and down the other and I went back. I am really glad I am done there. Don you old goat maybe you should have fired me it may have sent me on another path. LOL! Maybe I’ll just concentrate on things like reunions and Blasts from the past and special events. I think I’ll go to East Bay this week I have been wanting a dirt fix for a while. Thanks Guys I appreciate your support. Bob…


This has got to be one of the stupidest decisions that PGS has made. Bob, I have always liked your videos and its a shame they “fired” you because they’re doing a shitty job getting fans in the place.

lets see the only track on good years hummm no film for replay whats next wtf is next john from desoto going to rent the slabs :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

And that’s exactly what he wants No evidence.


So the place isn’t packed like everyone thought it would be with the “new” owners…even at a measely 10 bucks to get in…hmmmmm. Makes one wonder what it would really take to fill the stands? Let them in for free? Nope!!! that was done this past weekend somewhere else. Maybe we should pay the fans to come to the track. I bet that doesn’t even work. I’ve called my racing season this year and it’s not even my car. But I think the car owner was ready for it too. Face it, racing is dying and we as drivers/owners and fans must realize the fat lady is humming and she’s about to break into the solo from HELL!!!Too bad, I had fun for the years it lasted :(:(:(:frowning:

And the walls begin to tumble down. Now how great are Kevin and his gang Carol?

how do i feel? hmmmmmm

first of all it was not a bad night. that empty area is a small part of the bleachers. deceiving…PGS had a fairly good night. not as good as the week before but a good one…
2nd. …i care about Bob and will miss him but to give the track $25 a week or even just a free video would not make or break him and would have made Kevin happy because it wouldnt make or break him either! but it would have shown him some respect for allowing Bob to make an income using the track… its true Bob was an asset to drivers enabling them to purchase pics and videos but that does nothing for the track… all vendors or people who use a company to make an income should pay a little. when you are allowed to sell your wares at a table in a flea market you pay for the space!Bob charges $20-25 a video. i know he puts in alot of time and has to pay for his gas but he still makes a profit. i am not sure how many videos were sold at the eddie brann track but i know ALOT of people got them and i think bob did donate some of his profit to the Brann funds to help Barbie which i commend him for. but Bob made out too. (He should)…There are alot of things that people dont know about nor should they. so what i mean by that is Bob posted on here and alot of people chided in about something they know NOTHING about making the track look bad. they heard one side of an issue and they made up their minds before hearing the other side. that is common on here.
AJ did the same thing. Worked at the track and LOVED it… i am not 100% sure exactly what happened nor do i care. perhaps there is some blame on both sides. Never the less… he is one person who is always saying we need to stop trashing tracks before we lose them. now he is slandering the track and risking the very thing he speaks out against. he was called a bad name and that is 100% wrong… but then he called don Van Acker a nasty name, called people white trash and a$$holes… how is that right? how does that give him credibility. and… IF you were told to cause a caution by doing something dishonest it still makes you dishonest. i would walk away. lying is lying and you are resposible for your own lies no matter who tells you to lie.
When Linda was screamed at and insulted and fired she left quietly , disillusioned and hurt. she DID NOT come on here and ridicule Bobby. she went out and got a job and CONTINUED to support our track by quietly getting information about winners etc and she had them in all the newspapers. why? because she loves the place. so if you REALLY support racing and care about saving a track, get your ducks in a row and find out the facts before posting. and rumors are not facts!
I did not intend on hurting anyone. i just dont think its right for people who dont even come to our track, who read one persons view of what happened and make up their minds on the spot… and then post it for the whole world to see…
do i think Kevin is perfect. of course not. BUT… i know all he has done for our track. all the hard work he puts in and all the money he spends. his stress level is at a peak and sometimes he loses his temper when ppl take advantage of him or decide to make their own rules. before anyone talks trash about Kevin i think they should get to know him first and understand his side of all this. too much fighting and cussin. just not right. too much name calling. i HATE the term “nigga”… it just isnt right.
carolwicks aka oz

Hey Bob… Don’t worry about it man… It is there loss and not yours… Now take a break… A very very very short break and come on up and visit the rest of the racing eggheads around the state…

Looking forward to seeing you at a track near us very soon…


Just for your information I had agreed to start paying their $25. What Greg told me was I showed the track in a bad light showing empty stands. I did what I do all the time. I can’t shoot from where I had to shoot from without shooting the stands and if they happen to be empty I am sorry. I have an idea that didn’t have any thing to do with it anyway. When I posted that after being ask by a couple drivers to do so, I didn’t know there was a controversy. Only when AJ posted on that post did I know that there was a problem. I don’t want to bash the track either but Kevin needs to get his temper in check. He cussed me up one side and down the other about 6 weeks ago for nothing. I thought long and hard about leaving then but I stayed.
Duane I am going to visit other tracks when I can. I need to get another truck that I can afford to put fuel in. It cost me $40 a week to go to PGS and the $25 they wanted to charge me was a killer. I have been averageing $3 an hour for several months. Not many people I know would work for $3 an hour any more. I’ll need a racing fix soon so I’ll see you guys. Later Bob…

about Bob

there is no doubt that Bob Culbertson has many many friends. people who truly love him. He is a kind man, a good man and a deeply religious man.
that isnt the point. what happened was a business decision…
he will be missed by many people. I wish Bob the best.
carolwicks aka oz

[QUOTE=carolwicks;53674]there is no doubt that Bob Culbertson has many many friends. what happened was a business decision…
he will be missed by many people. I wish Bob the best.
carolwicks aka oz[/QUOTE]

Spoken like a true Democrat…:smilie_bett:
-Ge Um-

hear say

carol ,if you was not present to hear what was said then it’s hear say .when you repeat it ,it’s a rumor

I would like to be a fly on the wall when Greg explains to Kevin on what he did tell Bob. I am very sure he will be back peddling and trying to throw somebody under the bus as always.

Gary Laplant

Our man Bob…

Well Bob, you know how I feel about how you’ve been treated by tracks and promoters throughout the years. They act like you’re the greatest until they think they can make a dime by cutting you out of the picture and half assing the product themselves. You will land on your feet as always because you have a great attitude and an unstoppablke work ethic. You always have. So I won’t go into a long diatribe extolling your virtues vs. various promoters dickheadedness (I feel like making up my own words today).

I won’t even go into what an egotistical, stab-you-in-the-back-to-save-her-own-skin, two-faced, holier-than-thou-when-the-Lord-is-a-lookin’, pattin’ herself on the back ‘n’ est, always sayin’ somethin’ about everything and anything whether she has any real knowledge of the subject or not, Michael Jackson lovinest, message board whackjob (who wants to tell you how to interact with racetrack owners and promoters since you’ve only been doing it for 30 plus years) that other poster is…

I’d like to but I have been trying a new, Zen-influenced type of meditation-based method of dealing with ignorance and obstinance by sitting quietly and rolling my eyes while humming Jackson 5 hits.

Alcohol plays a small part, also.

Yer bud, HTCjr