#8 pure stock

Selling the #8 pure stock from ocala speedway. 79 camaro. Car has 10 wins this season at ocala and 1 at north florida, very dominate car. Car has 5 race old howe leaf springs, afco front springs, raing shocks all the way around(qa1,bilstein), racing aluminum power steering set up, triple bypass radiator, 175 trans with 373 gear, 16 gal fuel cell, frame tied together, full cage front to rear and about 300lbs of lead. motor is new has x rods, 30 over motor, racing pan, z28 flywheel, 487 heads (73cc,screw in studs,stainless valves)and high dollar camshaft. want out to buy modified. $4500.00 firm.call mike at 352-817-8779

make offer. want the car gone.

pure stock 8

does that include the cheating set up you got caught with friday night and disqualified that tells me the 10 wins was not legal most likely

The car was throwed out for have neoprene bushings in the right side control arms a over the counter part, just like all other cars out there. just want the car gone… no need to come up here and bash just call me im sure who ever you are could use some help. ill just sell ya some knowledge. people like you are the reason i dont even get on message boards. MIKE STALNAKER

I Would Have Been Pissed ,cause Thats A Stock Replacement Part!!!

Guess Politics Are More Important Than Keeping Your Track Open. I Cant Get Any Of My Crew To Go Back To Ocala Since Watching A Pure Stock Winner Other Than Mike Roll Through Tech With Adjustable Shackles. The Track Said We Have To Put Up The Money For Something Like That. Nice. I Guess That Mini Driver Jerk Off That Talks Crap Doesnt Realize The Stalnakers Are Responsible For At Least 5 Or 6 Cars Even Making It To The Track Every Fri Due To Their Help And Generosity With Parts, Help, And Work. Ocala Speedway Sucks.

i have been visiting tracks for a long time and i know for a fact that not only have the stalnakers been around for a while but they help people out who come up to them or just look like they could use a hand! 9 times out of 10 minidriver9 you have their help at sometime if not your STUPID they are very smart people and trust me they are not my #1 person out there but no need to dish on them if yor a real racer you cheat in some way or form it just sometimes the best of us that get cought and they are one of the best out there. really wish i had the funds i would buy that car its a super fast car!!!

#8 car

Which blown engine will you be swapping in before the sale. Is it the blown engine from the $1000 race or the one before that. Bushings, yeah right. How about cut, rolled, and rewelded leaf springs. Yes, cheating happens quite often but when you have as many well earned enemies as the Stalnakers do then one should be a little smarter about how obvious the cheating is. You should have know that you can’t weekly send daddy and brother to threaten butt kickings and then not back your smack. You enemies will and have retaliated. The obvious evidence that you can get your followers to come to your aid and post some lovely thoughts about any Stalnaker is admirable on their part. Once anyone has dealings with you and your family then their tune will change as your detractors have already. Is it not your “lady” who is forever band from Ocala Speedway for throwing rocks/mud at the owner? All while her infant was in the car. Even if you had the best dirt car in all of North Florida I would never allow my hard earned dollar to fall into the hands of someone as crooked and low class as you and your kin. Don’t you believe for a moment that you have brought all of the negativity upon yourself? You really are a sad bunch.

I do believe they make forum boards for this not the classified ads. i dont swap anything from my car i will tell anyone that wants to buy it everything they need to know. i dont think the motors i blowed will run with the rods out the side and the heads off anyways. if u dont want to race dirt anymore with all the crybabies then why swap it, i just want it gone. and im positive there not another bunch out there that has helped or lent more to anyone as we the stalnakers have. and if it wasnt for the druggies that attacked my dad while walking my 80 yr old grandpa down to the pit my whole crew wouldnt have to be there. and whatever is said you can guarantee will stand behind it. if u would like to roll under my car you will see the same rear end in the from the dq. my gf did not get banned for life just for the year and she didnt kick or throw rocks at anyone, it was a simple arguement. so get ur facts straight. the people who have posted on here i have no idea who they are but thank u for ur responses. i would love to know who u r im sure i have hepled u once before and turned out ot be trash. 352 817 8779

by the way the car is for sale as roller or turnkey.